How Much Should You Spend On a Baby Shower Gift

How Much Should You Spend On a Baby Shower Gift

When a friend or family member announces their pregnancy, it’s always exciting. A few months after the pregnancy announcement and it’s time to gather all of the mom-to-be’s loved ones for a baby shower. Being pregnant is no easy feat, so a baby shower serves to show the mom-to-be just how appreciated they are, in addition to helping her prepare for the baby’s arrival. For some of us, baby showers can be bittersweet. Baby showers mean baby shower gifts and, if money is tight, this can cause some stress. But it shouldn’t. Baby showers are about celebrations and showing the mom-to-be just how loved she is. You don’t need an extravagant, expensive gift to do that. There are so many affordable baby gifts out there that both mom and baby will love. Here are a few ideas:

Soft toys

Soft toys and pillows are perfect gifts for baby showers. Not only do they make cute decorations, but they’re safe for babies to play with. Have you ever met a baby who doesn’t love a stuffed animal or pillow to hug and play with? The great thing about affordable baby gifts is that they can take on normal wear and tear without any stress. Soft toys and pillows like this one are extremely comforting for any newborn.

*Pro tip: New moms can also use stuffed animals and pillows to pad a crib or play area and keep their little one safe


You’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t think that baby shoes are absolutely adorable. How are their feet so tiny? An affordable baby gift that all new parents can appreciate is baby shoes. When a baby starts to crawl and walk, it’s incredibly important that their feet stay protected. Baby skin is extremely sensitive and delicate, meaning they can get hurt easily. However, with the right footwear this doesn't need to be a concern. Not only are baby shoes important, but they can be completely personalized. With these trendy floral baby shoes, your friend and her baby might even be able to match outfits!


While most of us wear one outfit for the entire day, this is hardly the case for a newborn. Whether they’re spitting up, crawling on a dirty floor or having a diaper incident, babies constantly need to have their clothes changed, which is why one of the most useful affordable baby gifts is new outfits. Luckily, baby clothes can be practical, cute and affordable all in one. If your friend is having a little girl, this 3-piece romper set might be the perfect outfit.

Baby showers aren’t about money, they’re about spreading love and supporting the mom-to-be. We guarantee that every new mom and baby duo would love any of the affordable baby gifts listed above. If you need more ideas of affordable baby gifts, browse our website and we’re sure you’ll find the perfect gift.

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